Grade 2/3 2018

Grade 2/3 at Malmsbury Primary School

Welcome to Grade 2/3 2018


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say welcome to grade 2/3 2018. Now, I know it’s well into term 2 but as most of you are aware we had a hectic term 1 with a few unexpected challenges. But in true #teammalmsbury fashion we pushed through as an elite team of core staff and kept the school thriving with the students’ wellbeing and education at the forefront at all times. This did mean little things were sacrificed or moved to the back of the priority line (like my class blog).

Now we are past all of that though and the school is continuing to kick goals, with our truly amazing leader back at the helm we are getting it done. We have the most wonderful group of children with beautiful manners and respect for each other and the wider Malmsbury community (especially the 2/3’s)… maybe I’m a little biased.

I plan to use this space as a way to share information about the 2/3’s learning and awesomeness on a regular basis, I will try to update what we are focusing on in all areas of learning, hopefully this will allow you to stay in touch and me to answer some questions about what we are doing in our class.

In a recent staff meeting we identified that at MPS we have had a strong focus on literacy and have made significant improvements in both reading and writing over the last few years, we will continue to work on this through the introduction of ‘The Writing Model’ and the home reading programs we have in place. We have decided to make an effort to further immerse and engage  our students in Mathematics on a daily basis. This means we will have more mathematics in the classroom each day and a weekly homework element.  (I will write a full post on this soon).

Thanks for having a read and I look forward to the rest of the year in Grade 2/3, please feel free to come and see me at anytime about anything or shoot me an email.

Kind regards


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