Grade 234 R

Grade 234 R at Malmsbury Primary School

November 7, 2013
by cfrost


Thank you to the Grade 3/4s for setting up an orienteering course for us to play. We felt great and we worked as hard as we could to find all the letters. The game was fun but tricky.

Have you ever had to find your way around an unfamiliar place?

Did you use a map or compass to orient yourself?

October 14, 2013
by malmsburyps


This week Grade 1/2 will be learning about fractions. Students began to represent fractions by folding paper into equal parts. Shaylee and Bella explained remembered these two important concepts after our maths lesson today:

“I learnt that fractions have to have equal parts. If they don’t have equal parts it’s not a fraction.” Shaylee

“The more parts you fold, the smaller they get.” Bella

Where have you seen examples of fractions outside the classroom?

Learning in the school vegie garden

December 1, 2012 by malmsburyps | 0 comments

The school vegie garden is a very well cared for and productive space, thanks to all the work put in by students, teachers and helpers from the school community. One job that students from Grade 1/2 love to help with as often as they can is picking the snow peas to ensure the plants continue flowering and growing new pods. The photos show how children know to hold the stem of the plant with one hand and carefully pluck the pod with the other. Delicious work!

What can be learnt in the school garden? Harvesting broad beans gave the class an opportunity to explore the concept of averages in maths this term. Why is it that broad bean pods contain different numbers of beans? Is there an amount of beans that is ‘typical’ or ‘normal’ for a pod to have? The photos show a ‘stem and leaf’ graph plotting the range of how many beans per pod. Because we podded dozens and dozens of broad beans, we also began to see that lots of them contained 4 or 5 beans. Here is the idea of an ‘average’ broad bean!

Have you made other discoveries while working in a garden lately? The garden might be at your house, at school or somewhere else.

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