Grade 2/3 2018

Grade 2/3 at Malmsbury Primary School

August 26, 2013
by cfrost

Family stories – your ‘house favourites’

The show and tell topic for this week will be all about stories – the ‘house favourites’ for your family. Students are asked to tell about the stories, poems and rhymes that are favourites at home in their family. You can even bring in your favourites to share with the class on your show and tell day.

Is there a rhyme or story that is always being retold or re-read at your house? Are there nursery rhymes you hear all the time?

August 25, 2013
by cfrost

My Grandmother’s Toy Box

Students in Grade 1/2 read the online story from Museum Victoria website, My Grandmother’s Toybox. In the story, a girl called Hannah is at home feeling sick and looking for something to do. Finally, her mother shows her an old wooden chest filled with toys! The toys once belonged to Hannah’s mother, her father and grandparents, even great great grandparents. All of the toys tell a story about a particular time or memory, a person Hannah’s mum knew about or about what life was like in the past. When Hannah is all finished playing she learns that one day she will need to put a toy in the box that tells a story about her own life… Which toy will she choose?

Our class thought carefully about the same question and brought in their own toy to tell a story about a certain time, person, place or event. Look at the pictures below to see the toys emerging from the old wooden chest.

Which toy would you choose to keep in the old wooden chest? What do you think someone in the future would say about it?

September 19, 2012
by malmsburyps

Flat Stanley

Last week the P-2 classes at school gathered each day in their reading area to enjoy a story. We heard all about Stanley Lambchop, a normal boy who became squished by an enormous bulletin board and lived on… FLAT!

One of Stanley’s remarkable feats was the ability to put himself in an envelope (with a packed lunch) and be posted to California for a holiday with a friend. Perhaps some of the ‘Flats’ created by students this week will be yearning for world adventures? Could they report back learnings from different classrooms in different countries?

What is your Flat person’s name? Tell its story.

August 14, 2012
by cfrost
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Visit from Grade 3/4 writers

On a couple of occasions this term, students from Grade 3/4 have visited our class to read the books they wrote and published. All of the work they have shared has been of a very high quality. Their stories are spiral bound and the students’ illustrations are very well done.

The boys who read their work have really inspired some of our writers in Grade 1/2. This term we will be trying to generate some high quality pieces of writing ourselves and publish them so they can be shared with a wider audience. Thank you to the Grade 3/4 students who helped show the younger students what published writing can look and sound like!

Have you ever felt inspired by another person’s work? Did it give you ideas for work you could do?

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