Grade 2/3 2018

Grade 2/3 at Malmsbury Primary School

December 19, 2012
by cfrost

Flats arrive from Peille, France

This week two more visitors arrived in an envelope with an airmail stamp. They come from a small village in the south-east of France called Peille. It is in the mountains and has winding streets, old castle ruins on top of the hill and a school with 65 students called Andre-Marie.

Here are the Peille flats, Anthony and Malaury, watching a movie with us on our special Big Day In at school.

Students at the school in Peille have sent us a letter with pictures and information about their village so we can learn about where they come from. Thanks for sending it in English! See below to find out about Peille.

Peille Flat Stanley info

Flat Sarah the Spy has been spying undercover in Peille for a while now, but she hasn’t reported back in for debriefing. What did you learn about Peille from reading their letter above?

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