Grade 2/3 2018

Grade 2/3 at Malmsbury Primary School

December 19, 2012
by cfrost

Flats arrive from Peille, France

This week two more visitors arrived in an envelope with an airmail stamp. They come from a small village in the south-east of France called Peille. It is in the mountains and has winding streets, old castle ruins on top of the hill and a school with 65 students called Andre-Marie.

Here are the Peille flats, Anthony and Malaury, watching a movie with us on our special Big Day In at school.

Students at the school in Peille have sent us a letter with pictures and information about their village so we can learn about where they come from. Thanks for sending it in English! See below to find out about Peille.

Peille Flat Stanley info

Flat Sarah the Spy has been spying undercover in Peille for a while now, but she hasn’t reported back in for debriefing. What did you learn about Peille from reading their letter above?

November 21, 2012
by malmsburyps

What is Australian culture?

Students in Grade 1/2 have been talking lots about the culture and traditions of their families during Term 4. In Show and Tell they have been describing and showing pictures of Australian landmarks, bringing artefacts from Australia and from another country and talking about the things that their families like to celebrate and how.

Some students have even volunteered to give our visitors, the Flats, a taste of what life can be like for them in Australia. Here are some photos of the interesting experiences that Grade P-2 kids have shared with the visitors:

Are you doing something interesting with your family soon? If you think it would help overseas friends & visitors learn about Australia please invite a Flat person to come along!

November 21, 2012
by malmsburyps

News from Flat Bluebell & Flat Bill

Have you been wondering where the Flat adventurers have been and what they are learning? Where is Flat Bluebell now? What about Flat Bill?

Flat Bluebell has written back from her stay in New York where she has been home schooled with two friends. She celebrated Halloween with her hosts, voted in the recent United States election and has even learnt about caring for pet tarantulas & scorpions! Here are some photos from her trip:

Flat Bill has been on holiday at a school in New Tapei City, Taiwan. He also was lucky enough to go on a trip to the town of Yilan. Here are some photos from his trip so far:

What else would you like to know about the culture and celebrations of people in the United States or Taiwan?

October 16, 2012
by cfrost

Flat Adventurers Depart!

Yesterday Grades P-2 carefully packed their nine Flat Adventurers into their envelopes, added their passports, addressed the envelopes and walked to the Malmsbury Post Office. Read below to find out where each Flat was sent:

Flat Blake – Ecole Primaire Lucie Tardivier, La Guarde, France

Flat Stacey – Montague Public School, Ontario, Canada

Flat Sarah – Commune de Peille, Peille, France

Flat Bluebell – 2 ‘home schooled’ boys, Gowanda, New York, USA

Flat Bill – Tur Ya Kar Elementary & Junior High School, New Tapei City, Taiwan

Flat Travis Cloak – North Polk Central Elementary School, Alleman, Iowa, USA

Flat Iron Man – Casllwchwr Primary School, Swansea, Wales

Flat Myllie – Tomekichi Homma Elementary, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Flat Isabella – Mar Lin, Pennsylvania, USA

Look out world! The Flats are really on holiday now and they will be finding out all they can while they are overseas! Please keep an eye on our Flat Adventurer Exchange Map to track their comings and goings…

Are you looking forward to seeing holiday photos from one of the Flat persons’ holidays? Which trip sounds most exciting and why?

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