Grade 2/3 2018

Grade 2/3 at Malmsbury Primary School

August 14, 2012
by cfrost
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Visit from Grade 3/4 writers

On a couple of occasions this term, students from Grade 3/4 have visited our class to read the books they wrote and published. All of the work they have shared has been of a very high quality. Their stories are spiral bound and the students’ illustrations are very well done.

The boys who read their work have really inspired some of our writers in Grade 1/2. This term we will be trying to generate some high quality pieces of writing ourselves and publish them so they can be shared with a wider audience. Thank you to the Grade 3/4 students who helped show the younger students what published writing can look and sound like!

Have you ever felt inspired by another person’s work? Did it give you ideas for work you could do?

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